By Belinda Claxton (January 7, 2021)

Will people return to the office wearing suits, casual wear, or both?

In recent years, there had been a shift away from corporate dress codes towards more smart and casual styles and now this has been accelerated by the pandemic.  I think we will see the City suit less and less, especially as those workers who are traveling to the office look to avoid public transport and run or cycle instead.

However, in an interview scenario, whether you are being interviewed in person or via video call, dressing appropriately for the role is essential.  That has not changed during the pandemic nor is it likely to in 2021.

As business events start to resume in 2021, there will be a major growth in demand for suits, especially due to the rollover from delayed and canceled functions throughout 2020.

Once people do start wearing more traditional office wear, they may need to buy more outfits as the lockdown has led to many people either putting on weight or getting trim.  Several wardrobes will need updating.

As 2020 has drawn to a close, what we have learned it’s clear that the future is impossible to predict and that we need to expect the unexpected but it’s fair to say that the apparel industry is guiding us to a more sustainable and ethical future.