Custom Design

Our fundamental aim is to help build your brand identity and consistency through uniform apparel.  This is important in conveying a coherent, memorable message that connects your staff with your customer.  We do this in an affordable, innovative and creative way.  Our approach is to work closely with you and your people to produce the complete uniform package which will build your brand so that it becomes one of your greatest business assets:  A point of differentiation and source of competitive advantage.

Some industries e.g. convention centres, hotels and resorts, and  sports stadiums require custom design uniform apparel to create a polished image to the world.




Uniforms say a lot about your business

Our forte is to create your signature look and elevate your organization to where you want it to be through uniform design.

We co-ordinate all working areas by using good quality basics and versatilve styles to showcase your brand.


Think About Your Branding

There are now many fantastic and exciting ways to promote your signature look.  Besides the norm of adding your embroidered logo you could think about using creative styling, garment printing, dye sublimation and accessorizing.




A first imprssion is formed in less than 5 seconds

A positive first visual is so important as most people will judge within the first few seconds and their opinion most likely will never change.  First impressions set the stage for future possibilities and nonverbal communication makes a powerful and lasting impact.


Secure E-Commerce Platform

The Corporate Clothing Co has developed a secure online order system for Uniform Management that is custom designed (at no extra cost) to suit your company requirements.

The system is easily configurable, simple to use, saves time and reduces costs.  An advantage for your employees is that they can order uniforms and manage spending in privacy.

This service provides full reporting functions to track staff purchases and garment purchases by style, colour etc plus much more.


You can create a stylish uniform wardrobe on any budget.

The Corporate Clothing Co will design around your budget and be assured to receive competitive wholesale pricing on all aspects of the wardrobe.

We can design and create a uniform for you from the conceptual stage through to manufacture and distribution so the process is much simpler than expected.  We can handle all aspects of outfitting a corporate team from the apparel to ties, cuff links, scarves, and name badges etc.  TCCC can also assist in marketing with the launch of your uniform range by co-ordinating photo shoots, videos and parades.


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