Tips for Casual Friday

By Belinda Claxton (April 26, 2017)

Casual Fridays are a welcome day for many  and by the time Friday rolls around we’re ready for something easy.  Some people wing it and reach for a sweatshirt or vintage tee while others dress up chino’s with a tweed blazer.

Denim is Okay:  Whether it’s a stretchy skinny jean, an oversize jean jacket, or beat-up Levi’s – usually the smarter the jean, the more casual the shoe but definitely no thongs.

Say No to Lounge Wear:  Casual Friday does not mean ‘wear what you would at home’ and items like tracksuit bottoms should be left at home.  Grooming is just as essential as it is on any other day of the week.

Looking your best at work will be even more important on a casual Friday, as the focus will be on you as an individual.