By Belinda Claxton (January 10, 2018)

The new year is here and it’s a great chance for a fresh start. To state the obvious, a work uniform is not an original idea but by wearing the exact same thing to work every day is a solution to simplify the morning struggle and frustration on what to wear. The simple choice of wearing a work uniform saves countless wasted hours thinking. There is a real confidence in being able to project a stylish image.

The problem with variety is that it is unpredictable and can be unsuccessful. By practicing “Capsule Dressing” which is curating a small set of clothing that can be mixed or matched together communicates who you are. It is great if you have consistent messaging every day about who you are, and what you wear will show that.

Stick with High-quality garments that will last a long time through repeated wearing, and to consider tailoring when possible.

Less is more.