Improve your Style and Dress for Success

By Belinda Claxton (December 7, 2018)

Your style of dress can signal income, occupation, social class, ethnic and religious affiliations, attitudes toward comfort, and level of confidence.

Clothing and style convey your message and are a big part of the overall visual cue in our hyper-connected, socially driven, virtual world. An overall attention to appearance with well cared for skin, hair, nails, and teeth add to a polished look and communicates self-confidence and authority.

Dressing for work is less formulaic today, and there is more room for employees to express their individuality. You can become a power player and convey authority and seriousness with interesting cuff links, a statement necklace, or fun shoes that will keep your look unique. The casually dressed executive is a new figure in our society.

What does your style say about you at the office? It’s possible that the perception of you is completely different from the reality of who you are.  Do you look approachable and warm or young and inexperienced? Are you professional and uncomplicated or just frumpy? Well dressed or overly trendy?

Achieving style is a process and based on tried-and-true combinations that work in professional environments. It’s not about being part of the in crowd. The principles are simply to make sure that you don’t stand out by looking frumpy, too old, too young, or like you just don’t care. The most important part of your style is to be neat and appropriate. Remember, a first impression is formed in less than five seconds!