By Belinda Claxton (April 18, 2020)

While CORONAVIRUS keeps many working from Home – How to best project an aura of Professionalism from the waist up at least:

  • Avoid busy patterns, stripes, animal prints or plaid which may be distracting on video as they appear distorted and dizzying on camera.
  • Colour:  Shades of blue – royal, navy, sky blue – look great on video.  Also grey and green can work but reds, yellow, orange and pink don’t look good on video.  Avoid overly bright or extremely dark colours as they do not translate well on camera.  Be sure to stick to colours that look best on you to boost your confidence level.
  • Good Posture like a newsreader, keep your notes nearby, maintain good eye contact, get the best audio visual.
  • Comfortable and Proper Fit:  Make sure that your clothes fit well so that you aren’t pulling at anything which can create a distraction to the person/s on the other side of the screen.
  • Conservative:  Dress in clothing that leans toward conservative….
  • Avoid tank tops, low-cut tops, crop tops, and anything sheer or mesh.
  • Match the Occasion:  If the environment is relaxed, the tie and structured blazer can be replaced with casual wear.  Stiff button-down shirts can be exchanged for less structured tops.
  • Clean, put together and Professional:  Please no stains and wrinkles in your clothing which shouldn’t be visible on your outfit during your video conference interview.  These will create a distraction, as well as leave a negative impression.
  • Overall:  You want the people you are video conferencing with to remember you by your great ideas and professionalism, not your fashion faux pas.  Stick to these rules and you’re sure to impress every time!