Adding Sublimation to your Business

By Belinda Claxton (February 28, 2021)

Sublimation is the new frontier in decorated apparel.  It is a new profit maker and to stay profitable, businesses need diversity through a variety of decoration techniques sublimation is just another method in your product arsenal and invites new products.

There are a wide variety of sublimation services and markets to sell your product and it gives your business the ability to gain add-on sales and it does not cost much, comparatively.  Unlimited Logos, unlimited colors, individually designed illustrated clothing, uniforms, business, sport, fishing, and corporate, events!

Sublimation printing is the technique that enables designs or images to be transferred onto rigid objects (mugs, plates, cell phone covers, etc) or polyester fabrics (apparel, banners, scarves, etc).  The science of Sublimation printing is where heat and pressure are applied to a solid. The inks that are used turn into gas when brought under heat, then combine with the fabric or object permanently.  The process is almost like a tattoo, but instead of for your skin, it’s for your chosen product.  The result is a permanent, full-colour image that will not crack, peel, or wash away.


Impact on the Worker & Environment.  What is great about dye-sublimation is that it is safe for the environment and the worker.  Dye Sublimation is the most environmentally friendly, sustainable process possible in garment printing and production.  It produces Zero water waste.  Because the process involves turning a solid directly into a gas, there is no water needed for dyeing.  Compare to screen printing where mass amounts of water are consumed to dye which results in polluted water wasted and ground contamination, Dye Sublimation creates Zero water waste.

Freedom with designs, which is not always offered by other methods.  You might have a photo of Machinery, a Landscape, a Team, a Business, or People.  The possibilities are endless which will keep your client coming back for more.

The durability and longevity of the design will not crack, peel, or fade because it’s impregnated with the top layers of fabric.  You can always tell a Sublimated garment due to the White inside the fabric.

Sublimation printing is suitable for small batch orders, seam-to-seam- designs, and garments with a large number of design variations and applications, and with low minimums is a perfect product to add with repeat orders.

The BAD:

Sublimation cannot be done on 100% Cotton and is more suitable for 100% polyester or made of, at least 2/3 of polyester. Cotton is a natural fiber that does not have “pores” that can open to accept the ink.  But a Cotton Back fabric can be used, let us say it’s 80% Poly/ 20% Cotton.  You will only get an 80% vibrancy on dark colors; lighter colors do not pose the same issue as with darks.  For non-textile substrates, only items that have a special polyester coating can be used.

Sublimation items must have a White or light-colored print area.  Black or dark-colored surfaces cannot be sublimated as the item may lose color over the months because of UV rays if it is permanently exposed to direct sunlight.

BE DIFFERENT, create your Promotional idea, be noticed, and take your branding to the New Altitude!  Be the market leader and give your business the ability to gain add-on sales and make a profit on your sublimated goods.