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At Work:

When it comes to work attire, think of structured jackets and tailored pants for creating a polished look. A properly fitted jacket/blazer instantly pulls together your look and can elevate simple blouses or a cotton button-up shirt, while tailored pants are both flattering and professional. A shift dress can be switched up with a jacket/blazer, a cardigan, layered with a button-up shirt, or worn on its own. A few separates can make up a variety of outfits: shirts, pants, skirts, cardigans, jackets, and dresses.

Ankle pants are also great for casual Fridays, while still nailing that perfectly put-together look.  Pairing the ankle pants with a knit top in a neutral color is the perfect casual Friday vibe.

In winter, the essential classic staple – is a trench coat. The warrior of the classic wardrobe is the perfect addition for work, night-time, as well as the everyday look.

Working from Home:

Striped tops/tees are perfect for achieving comfort while working from home. Pair with chino pants or a skirt and add red lipstick if you are ducking out for coffee.

The wide-legged culottes with a sleeveless blouse will also bring style and comfort to the home, or opt for a pencil skirt to elevate your look for an appointment.

Classic Style Characteristics:

Clean silhouettes, tailored cuts, neat hems, neutral colors, simple stripes or minimal detailing, quality, value, and perhaps a splash of red lipstick.

Classic style is investment dressing at its best knowing each quality piece will be reached time and time again and last for years.

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