Why Every Man Should Have a “Uniform”

By Belinda Claxton (March 8, 2016)

A uniform can be a powerful weapon!

The most stylish men tend to have their own signature style by wearing the same look consistently, day after day, and oblivious to the latest trends without ever being questioned e.g. the former Apple chief Steve Jobs who always wore black turtlenecks and jeans.

A uniform done well and in a unique way can be incredibly empowering or done badly it can make you invisible. A strong uniform doesn’t have to bow to current trends. What it can do for an individual is leave a lasting impression in other people’s minds, and create a larger-than-life personality, a sense of mystery and intrigue. It can shape someone’s perception of you before you even utter a word. Clothes are powerful weapons: they magnify our presence and become synonymous with our characters, so choose your uniform carefully.

Many great men have used the “uniform” to their advantage e.g.

Signature long silk cravat over a classic button down shirt

Black tee, aviators, black shirt

Unbuttoned white shirt over white tee with dark jacket

You can capture fleeting moments in fashion!

A uniform done well conveys a sense of self-assurance. Sometimes, men grow into their uniforms. But it isn’t necessarily about age. It comes at a point in your life where you begin to fully understand who you are – clothing reflects your state of mind more than you might think. For some people that might happen at 18, for others, 60.

So remember, the uniform is a powerful weapon!