Uniform Stylist

By Belinda Claxton (September 13, 2017)

Looking at refreshing and elevating the companies working wardrobe… then add new styles and accessories into the existing to customize the organizations image.  TheCorporate Clothing Company can be your business uniform stylist to elevate your current work uniforms to new heights transforming your business to where you want to be.

Having a company uniform enables the organization to develop its own signature style for which the business will become known.  It is the gateway to make the business more memorable and helps secure positive work outcomes.  A stylish uniform will always be noticed and identified more easily than an ever changing wardrobe worn by team members.

Introducing good quality basics and mix n match pieces will have a positive effect on the team member’s confidence and happiness which in turn improves their performance at work and ultimately you are on your way to thriving in business.

The ultimate boost to the company and it’s team members will be spending time and effort into developing a business uniform.  Having a work uniform is a really good idea and a positive influence in terms of everyone’s well being.

Seekng advise on a capsule wardrobe of work staples, contact The Corporate Clothing Co for mix n match styles to choose from.  Influence what people think of your business and send the right message out there!