Custom Designed Uniform Capsule Collections

By Belinda Claxton (February 2, 2016)

A working Business Capsule wardrobe plays a part in the way your organisation is perceived professionally. When meeting clients or exposed to the public it’s important for staff to look like someone that can be trusted, someone that’s reliable and the clients not to be distracted by some wackadoodle outfit. First great impressions are essential.

The Uniform Capsule Collection concept is a minimal wardrobe of mix and match versatile pieces which is designed to express your professional business image though the staff’s clothes. Each staff have fewer choices but all the choices will be work appropriate, easy, versatile, and always put together.

Adopting the habit of wearing a uniform is not unstylish as this is a classification that no longer applies. The minimalist principles allow the staff in their wardrobe choices to discover more productivity, less stress, less distraction, more confidence as well as looking stylish and in control. This is a worthwhile investment for any organisation.

Styling is Fundamental


The Corporate Clothing Co will select a combination of mix & match  items and accessories. Depending on your image: the polished and formal versus comfortable and casual. Classic go to pants and jackets versus denim jeans and layering tops.  Make sure you showcase your unique branding through The Corporate Clothing Co’s impressive diverse range of styles and accessories.


The Uniform Capsule is built around a specific set of colours e.g. your business logo or using bold colours to create a strong brand identity.  When in doubt, neutrals (white, black/grey) are always a good choice.

Logo Application

All aspects of garment branding such as embroidery, screen printing and sublimation are to be considered as another brilliant way to create a high impact uniform collection.