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Why Every Man Should Have a “Uniform”

A uniform can be a powerful weapon! The most stylish men tend to have their own signature style by wearing the same look consistently, day after day, and oblivious to the latest trends without ever being questioned e.g. the former Apple chief Steve Jobs who always wore black turtlenecks and jeans. A uniform done well […]

The Capsule Wardrobe for Work

Speed Up Mornings: A capsule wardrobe can ensure plenty to wear from fewer items and speed up the morning getting ready to go to work process. It is a great way to save time in terms of selecting what to wear and shopping which is a necessity being a busy professional with lack of time […]

Custom Designed Uniform Capsule Collections

A working Business Capsule wardrobe plays a part in the way your organisation is perceived professionally. When meeting clients or exposed to the public it’s important for staff to look like someone that can be trusted, someone that’s reliable and the clients not to be distracted by some wackadoodle outfit. First great impressions are essential. […]