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While CORONAVIRUS keeps many working from Home – How to best project an aura of Professionalism from the waist up at least: Avoid busy patterns, stripes, animal prints or plaid which may be distracting on video as they appear distorted and dizzying on camera. Colour:  Shades of blue – royal, navy, sky blue – look great on […]

Style Matters

A first impression is formed in less than 5 seconds.  First impressions set the stage for future possibilities.  Control your image – it is yours to define.  What image do you project?  Life is not a dress rehearsal, so be appropriate and on point the first time around.  A professional career is full of first […]

What to wear to the office Xmas party

The question of what to wear to the office Xmas party comes up annually. It is important to get it right and stay within the boundaries of the dress code and away from an inappropiately sexy look. Impress the boss, but keep the short skirts and sky-high heels for girls night out. If your office […]

Improve your Style and Dress for Success

Your style of dress can signal income, occupation, social class, ethnic and religious affiliations, attitudes toward comfort, and level of confidence. Clothing and style convey your message and are a big part of the overall visual cue in our hyper-connected, socially driven, virtual world. An overall attention to appearance with well cared for skin, hair, nails, […]

Complement your Brand Identity

Match your THEME: Your venue and identity are built up from so many different elements. From your interior decor, tableware, to your menu design and welcome sign. All of these elements work together to create your brand and the more consistency throughout these elements, the stronger the identity will be. Your uniforms should continue to […]

Workspaces & Schedules have evolved

You may not go to a formal office each day, but that doesn’t mean you’re not working. Perhaps you work from home and see clients only for meetings, lunches, or business trips. Or maybe you’ve recently vacated your corner office and are exploring starting your own business. Working from home, networking, volunteering, and sitting on […]


The new year is here and it’s a great chance for a fresh start. To state the obvious, a work uniform is not an original idea but by wearing the exact same thing to work every day is a solution to simplify the morning struggle and frustration on what to wear. The simple choice of wearing a work uniform […]

The Man Uniform

Who needs to use up precious mental ENERGY making big wardrobe DECISIONS before 9.00am? One of the best things about menswear is that it consists of a very simple collection of looks – suits, jackets, shirts, jeans, t-shirts and accessories. All it really takes to assemble a great wardrobe is a selection of these classic […]

Uniform Stylist

Looking at refreshing and elevating the companies working wardrobe… then add new styles and accessories into the existing to customize the organizations image.  TheCorporate Clothing Company can be your business uniform stylist to elevate your current work uniforms to new heights transforming your business to where you want to be. Having a company uniform enables the organization to develop […]

The New Way Women are Dressing for Work

Women entrepreneurs are redefining “dress for success”. It’s been over 40 years since “Dress for Success” came out in 1975, unleashing the concept of “power-dressing” and legions of big-shouldered jackets on an unsuspecting world. Thus the suit is no longer a necessity and entrepreneurs are asking themselves, “what am I trying to say in life, […]